True matter

IMG_5327 lichter zonder scherm

EOS willing I hereby depicture thee

Our saints and angels that with engagement made me see

How some in vain would fight for day if not for you and me


May thou lead us guardians of a human kind

Towards freeing those who suffer deep

In body both in mind


However cruel the mauntain is that sits on the high chair

And gruesomely into the rights tear holes that make despair

But always can be climbed


Hope for future that lies in ruins of them that did not share

Those monsters that ruthlessly for people did not care


If you mankind do not descend of clouds where we believe

That our concerns are above them if we don’t can conceive

The pain our brethren and sistren take

If we don’t fight for morals sake

Also ourselves we will deceave


Eye them then take up thou arms or maybe thou’d write

But through our fight we must raise humans to an equal height


While history repeats itself in all it’s cruelest respects

Prevent it with all our heart and please this


Don’t we forget


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